Search for a Query Deep Within a Specific Website

Are you looking for a tool to search for something, but only deep within one particular website? SiteComber is it.

SiteComber is a Google powered search tool that allows a user to specify a website within which to do a deep search for a particular term. Our powerful tool is as robust as Google itself. If Google has indexed the page, then Google should search for your term within that page.

As is well known, Google has more pages indexed than any other search engine. Thus, when you access Google's database to search within a site, you are accessing a comprehensive database. Additionally, given the power of Google's search algorithms, in many cases you can expect search results more relevant and comprehensive than those of a site's own search.

In any case, you'll get more pure and deeper search results, instead of those a site wants to feed you. For example, if you search for "defects" within a manufacter's or retailer's site using that site's own search feature, you may receive no results or some sort of default results irrelevant to what you are looking for. However, if you instead use the SiteComber tool to access the power of Google to search within that same site, you may find more interesting (read "more incriminating") pages.

Check out a couple of sample deep search queries:

Paris Hilton Within
787 Dreamliner Within
Sandbox Within Google
Models In
Tight Jeans Within

A couple of the sample deep search queries above deserve further discussion, as they are good examples of how to use this powerful tool. Notice the search for the word "trifling" within The deep search results that come back include not only the page for the word trifling, but also for "pecadillo". "Pecadillo" is relevant here in that the word trifling is within that word's page of content. Thus, SiteComber allows one to search for definitions somehow relevant to a query. This has, of course, all kinds of applications.

Also notice the deep search for "Sandbox" within Google itself. You may wonder why we would suggest a Google powered tool to search within Google, which is, of course, a search engine. The results within SiteComber interestingly return much different results, specifically results of pages within

Searching for "sandbox" is a great example as the term is an almost mystical one among search engine optimization practitioners. If you don't know already, Google has long been suspected of having what is called a sandbox, a place in which sites that unfairly or dishonestly attempt to maximize search engine traffic utilizing various unscrupulous means. It is believed that being put in the sandbox causes you site to be placed way, way, way down in the search results, if not eliminated completely.

One great thing about Google is that they are somewhat open about how they do things. They will at least provide general concepts and logic. Thus, if one is interested in the Google sandbox, if it even exists, a great place to read about it may in fact be on a page within Google. Thus, searching for this term within Google itself is quite useful.

SiteComber also has specialized search tools with relevant sites to search as dropdown options. These tools include:

  • Dog & Puppy Search Tool - A tool to finding information and media related to dogs and puppies by perfoming deep searches within related sites including, CesarsWay, DogBreedInfo, DogProblems, Dogster, PetMD, Pets at WebMD, Pinterest, Tumblr, VetInfo, Wikipedia, and YouTube.
  • Franchise Research - A tool to assist with doing due diligence deep research by doing SiteComber Google powered searches within franchise related sites including Better Business Bureau, Bloomberg, Blue Mau Mau, Dunn & Bradstreet, Entrepreneur Magazine, Federal Trade Commission, Franchise Genius, Franchise King,, Hoover's, Lexis Nexis, Rip Off Report, Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.
  • Medical Info Finder - A tool to assist with finding medical related information by doing Google powered SiteComber deep searches within,, Center for Disease Control, Center Watch, Cleveland Clinic, ClinicalTrials, FamilyDoctor, Genetics Home Reference, Hardin MD, HealthFinder, Intellihealth, Mayo Clinic, Medline Plus, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Nat'l Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, NetWellness, Quack Watch, RX List, WebMD, and eMedicineHealth.
  • People Finder - A tool to help find people by performing Google powered SiteComber deep searches for individuals within Facebook, Intellius, LinkedIn, Manta, Mugshots, MySpace, Spokeo, Twitter, WhitePages, Wink, Yahoo, and Zaba.
  • Search Tool for Medical Professionals - A tool to assist doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals with finding more technical information in medical related sites including BioMed Central, Drug Info, Medscape, National Guideline Clearinghouse, Pub Med, and the Public Library of Science.
  • Stock Market Research - A tool to assist with reseaching stock market investment opportunities by doing Google powered SiteComber deep searches within Barrons, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Business Week, Dunn & Bradstreet, Federal Trade Commission, Hoover's,, Lexis Nexis, Market Watch, Motley Fool, Rip Off Report, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance.

SiteComber, in the spirit of Google, offers a clean page of search results, as robust as possible, with little advertising to get in the way. Our objective, more than anything else, is to offer a valuable tool for the worldwide web, in this case a much needed tool that empowers one to search for anything within any site.

Search for something within one particular website now, or choose from our big list of search topic ideas!

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